V4 to v5 Migration doesn't include payment notes/method and documents

Hi team,

I recently migrated to v5 and it all went pretty well other than a few frustrating error 500/PHP issues.

But now none of my invoices have any payment notes/methods attached. They are all “cash” instead of “bank transfer” (how most of them should be).

The payment notes are also very important.

Is there a way to transfer that specific database table over to the v5 installation?

Edit: Also the documents attached to invoices have not been transferred over.



Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david

Hi @david,
Are there any plans in place to migrate the above data (documents + payment methods/notes) to the new v5 installation?



I’ve updated the v4 side of the migration to include the private notes. I don’t see anywhere in v4 where we store the documents however?

I’ve also matched up the payment types, this will be available in the next v4 release.

Awesome, thanks! Is there anyway to transfer that data over manually after a migration has already been completed?

Hi Tom,

Unfortunately no options that i can think of sorry.