V4-Calculate product weight and hide tax rate


I`ve added a custom field for product weight. But how can i know the total weight per invoice.

Can we add a column like tax in the Subtotal area. Once selected, it will show the sum of weight.

So we can show to clients with or without total weight, also very easy to calculate the shipping fee.

And how to hide the Tax Rate Number in Invoice, only show PayPal Fee is perfect.

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

It may be possible by modifying the code but it would require non-trivial changes.

Can i pay your team for customize this function?

We recommend this company for custom changes:


How can i reorder this ROWs?

1, Put the non important row like Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2 to the end
2, Exchange Unit Price and QTY.


I tried once, but only Text Changed, the Data not, i will calculate the Line Total under G.W.(g) Row, Hahaha

Most of the code is in this file: