V4.5.19 Invoice Date Sorting

I’m migrating from freshbooks to self-hosted invoiceninja by way of feeding it all the data via the api.

Anyway, I noticed that sorting invoices by date does not appear to work as expected, see screenshot

am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug?

It could be a bug, do other fields sort correctly?

The Due Date also sorts incorrectly, but the other columns appear to sort correctly in so much as I saw.

You can create an issue here if you want to track this but our current focus is v5

I think this is down to invoices.created_at timestamp, I had to directly edit this in the DB to match the freshbooks data and some of them were set NULL it seemed to be these ones which were in strange sorting.

After reimporting and setting all invoices to have an appropriate created_at, the sorting seems “normal”.

Great, glad to hear it’s sorted!