Using Invoice Ninja as a POS (Point of Sales)

In my business we generate invoices for bigger purchases and for small purchases and walkin customers we just log the sale in excel but it would be great if I could track all my sales in invoice ninja.

Is there a work around that anyone is using where you could use Invoice Ninja as a cash register? It needs to be something thats quick where you only punch in the sale amount and item and then click paid and then its logged and archived


Not that I’m aware of but maybe someone in the community has some ideas…

Curious as to what thoughts others may have as well. Not really a use case for me, but the concept is interesting – I have intermittently considered different side-gigs which might find value in that sort of thing. I suppose one could use a generic “Walk-In” client, your product item, or maybe a generic “miscellaneous” product and type in your sale amount? Fairly quick to batch select & archive, or auto-archive all paid if that works with the rest of your workflow. Depends also on what you want to track, and your settings.

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