Using docker-compose, and setting LOG_PDF_HTML=true

Hi there!

I have just installed InvoiceNinja w/ docker-compose. I’m struggling in seeing the logo in the generated PDF. Other people also complained; so for the moment I try to debug the issue w/ small steps.

I’d like to see the HTML code of the PDF invoice. By looking at the source code, I saw in CreateEntityPdf.phphandle(), around line 198:

        if (config('ninja.log_pdf_html')) {

So I’d like to set this option to true.

What I did: I added in dockerfiles/env, this line (as suggested in another post):


However, I think that I’m doing something wrong. Because the log file: dockerfiles/docker/app/storage/logs/laravel.log doesn’t output the invoice.

I’d appreciate any hints!

Thanks in advance!


It may help to add LOCAL_DOWNLOAD=true in the .env file

Actually I had LOCAL_DOWNLOAD=true also.
But what am I doing wrong regarding LOG_PDF_HTML? It seems that somehow, within the chain, this is not being evaluated as true in PHP. Or maybe there is something wrong w/ the log file? Maybe things are being written somewhere else?

@david do you have any thoughts?

I understand what’s happening. LOG_PDF_HTML does work indeed. However, this is NOT used after each display of the PDF. The PDF seems to be created once, then cached.

I was expecting that after each click on “View PDF” to see something in the log. And it’s not the case. But I created a new invoice, and after that, I saw it in the email.

By the way: I do see the logo URL, and I understand what’s happening.

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