Users can create project off of other Profile(s)


We recently started to use INv5 (v5.5.50-W104). We are having some problems or confusion.

  • I added a user (User A) with Create/View/Edit permission to Projects / Expenses.
    Problem 1: When user create Project from project section, they leave user section empty (no option to force User A name shown once its created, as you can understand we need to log their entries)
    Problem 2: User A can create Project via someone else’s profile (including Admins)

I believe non-admin users should be limited to create things (Projects/Expenses etc…)

Thank you


  1. Records have both a created by user field and an assigned to user field, you can use the created by field for your records.

  2. Can you explain what you mean ‘via someone else’s profile’, do you mean that they can assign it to a different user?

  1. I see, but when we select a project / expense we cannot see who created it (I’m assuming we are missing a setting here?)
  2. Yes, they can reach on other people’s profile via already created projects and add projects via their profile.

non-admin users can reach these pages, which I believe shouldn’t be possible. Once they create something, it auto-assigns that person to that creation.

  1. You can add the created by column in the table and reports

  2. The record isn’t created as the other user, it only sets the assigned to field

This makes lots of sense, so can we replace (or add) the Created By info to project summary screen?

(I don’t mind hardcoding this to the specific template file directly)

It would require rebuilding the admin portal, the code is here: