User rights of admin an normal user

is it possible to create users without rights of an admin?
What is the difference between an admin and a normal user?
Both have the same possibilities to change settings.

Our installation is self hosted.

It’s not currently supported but is planned for a future release:

There’s no functional difference, the admin is simply the initial user who created the account.

Yes, all users within an account have the same privileges.

Hopefully this is a high priority. Reason I paid for pro plan was user management. Not viable business process for me to have sales people with admin access. Goal is for sales reps to be able to create quotes and invoice for their prospects/clients and client to be able to approve quote or pay invoice.

If a user has full admin rights to the account, the multi-user function is useless except where a true admin level access is wanted.

Love everything else so far. Thx

It’s on our roadmap, we’ll try to prioritize it.

One approach another client is using is to create a form for the salespeople and then use Zapier to create the client\invoice in our system.