User password after migration to V5 doesnt work


User are not able to login using their existing password from V4 after migration to V5. We migrated using the migration tool provided within Invoice Ninja.

Any clue ?


@david any thoughts?

As a workaround they should be able to use the recover password option to set new passwords.

We cannot migrate the passwords as they are hashed, you will need to perform a password reset.

First of all, thank you for your fast reply. Really appreciate.

Kindly mention that in documentation, please.
Technically, if the hashing logic is the same why do we need to reset ? If you say hashing logic is different then why ?

We are not allowed to setup the email yet because the post-migration server is a staging server and we dont want any email to go out accidentally. Is there any way to update a password without using email ?

Thank you.


Try the following steps, you’ll need to be able to access the command line.

php artisan tinker
$u = User::where('email', 'YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS')->first();
$u->password = Hash::make('YOUR_PASSWORD');

Just as a follow up here

in v5.5.38, we’ll transfer the password hashes over as well.

We’ve modified the import to process the hash which should enable people the ability not to reset their passwords.

Thats a fantastic news. I really do not want users to change their passwords. When are you releasing 5.5.38 ?

Your suggestion to reset password worked.

Now I found out that permission details not imported too. Please check.

Migration from 4.5.50 to v5.5.34 - docker hosted.