URL to link/open invoices/expenses externally

Hello. In v4 we could open the invoices/expenses with url directly, such as Portal de Cliente, but in v5 I don’t know if that is possible.

Since I need to access to invoices/expenses directly by passing the invoice ID in v5 externally, how can I achieve that? I do not ask for a link to customer portal. I ask for direct link to invoice/expense.



This is supported in the React app, there’s an option to switch to it at the top of the dashboard.

Hello. I have the linux app (I suppose you mean that when you talk about React app) and I don’t see the option. Which one is exactly?

The option is visible in the web app, not the desktop app.

Its OK.
I’ve clicked on react app icon, and thrown this error:

I have v5.5.24-C93 in docker version.

@david is it possible use the React app with Docker?


No the react app build is a totally separate pipeline

So, then there is no way to link invoices/expenses externally through docker app version?

Maybe could be possible to request a feature to enable external links access in order to access to an invoice through https://in5.domain.com/redir/inv/1 => https://in5.domain.com/#/ and then be able to open the Invoice ID #1 directly

Is it possible?

Not currently, it’s possible we could support this in the future with the Flutter app.

One option would be to change to using the selfhost zip instead to enable access to the React app.