URL for images on client page are https://invoiceninja not my domain

Setup is Subdomain, using Docker and Nginx Proxy Manager, as I couldn’t seem to get running it in a subdirectory to work.

It seems like asset urls are all the wrong domain, but when I use php artisan tinker asset(‘test.jpg’) it returns the correct URL.

I’ve ran php artisan optimize and php artisan view:cache from within the app container with no luck.



It should be


Any thoughts?


Can you confirm that APP_URL is correct in the .env file?

Hi Hillel,

Yes the APP_URL is correct.


I’ve also got


@david do you have any suggestions?

Solved, I ended up using http instead of https between the proxy and removed the fastcgi_param HTTPS 1; which I’de seen people suggesting to put into the nginx location rule for .php.

Now it looks and works as expected.

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