**** URGENT **** Invoices Disappeared!!


I’ve just logged into Invoice Ninja (online) and all my invoices have disappeared. There’s a few random Quotes but even some of that data is missing.

Please take a look and let me know what has happened and how to fix.


Do you maybe have more than one account?

If you want to email the PDF of a missing invoice to contact@invoiceninja.com I can try to search the database.

I’ve just gone back to the page and now they are all there (same login). Despite, me refreshing the page several times.

It must have been a server issue your end somewhere as the shell loaded but no data came through. There was no sign of any data coming through or a busy status.

Is there a way for me to ‘wake up’ your server because it quite disconcerting to see data not coming through and just leaving blank screens.


Please send us an email for steps to debug the issue.

Hi heloNinja,

I’ve just checked all our monitoring, and all our systems have been operational with no outages.

This may have been an intermittent network issue between your computer and our servers. It appears everything is working fine for you now?

Also note that if you have a client account with multiple “contacts” that each contacts client portal is unique in the quote/invoices/payments that will be shown. (i’m actually not partial to this and would prefer that each contact under the same client saw all the quotes/invoices/etc for the client not just their own contact info)

Intermittent network issue it was, but it was the data not loading the details, the rest was fine…

@Samual. Thanks for the heads up. I wondered about this and checked it but it was definitely a data response issue and continued for a while even after multiple page refreshes.



That is correct. Your browser caches the site template locally, and makes an additional network call to get the data… so whilst you saw the frame, the data didn’t load due to the network issue.

Makes sense