Upload attachment of a supplier

When creating a supplier invoice, it is not possible to upload the invoice file (PDF). You have to save the record first and then you can upload a file via the overview. This was better in V4 as it was one step.
Will this possibility still come, that one can upload a file directly during the creation?

In V4 you could push the file directly in. In V5 I just have to upload it extra, which is also an extra work step and therefore costs time.
Will it be possible to drag and drop files again in the future?

In the desktop app you can’t upload files at all. This makes this app unusable for managing supplier invoices.
Will this also be corrected?


1 and 2. We plan to add it in a future release.

  1. This should be supported, which operating system are you using?

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
and InvoiceNinja-Version 5.4.8-L86

Gotcha, Linux should hopefully be supported in the future

That would be great if this will work again with Linux in the future, as it did in v4 :smirk:

The web app should support uploading files on Linux, in v4 we didn’t provide a Linux desktop app at all.

Sorry, that is of course correct that there was no desktop app in V4 yet. My thinking error.