upgrading safely

It says on https://invoice-ninja.readthedocs.io/en/latest/update.html that “you just need to copy over the latest code”.

  1. Does this mean all directories/files from the unzipped download are used to overwrite all the directories/files on the hosted installation?

  2. I am using FileZilla. The overwrite would have to be done one at a time sub-directory by sub-directory under the ‘ninja’ folder would it not?

  3. a. Can I upload the new version files to a new directory and rename the old (running) directory and change the new to the old name?
    b. Would this make it easier to roll back if something goes wrong?
    c. Anything else to do if a. above is possible

1.invoiceninja.com or self-hosting - we are not self-hosting, it is hosted by another company. Is this called “shared hosting”?
2. version 4.5.2 white label.
3. no errors just being cautious about upgrading.


  1. That is correct

  2. I don’t think so. It’d be faster to copy over the zip and then extract it on the server

3a. Yes
3b. It depends on which version you’re changing from, you may also need to restore a backup of the database
3c. You’d need to manually copy over the .env file and any uploaded documents

Shared hosting typically means you aren’t able to SSH in to the server, it can cause problems with the update if proc_open is disabled