Upgrading from 5.5.71 to 5.5.84 giving error 500


I am facing issue after upgrading the code base to the latest 5.5.84 version from 5.5.71 version when I am running php artisan ninja:post-update command in terminal nothing happens and just the prompt is giving back as it was.

If i try to update via browser using the url {domina name}/update?secert=supersecretpassword I get a 500 error page.

Also after upgrading when I try to check the version in my UI app it still shows the older one i.e. 5.5.71, and if I try to upgrade from the UI it never works.

Any help towards the resolution would help.

Thanks in advance


Are there details about the 500 error in storage/logs?

I check apache error logs but nothing gets logged over there.
Checking the storage/logs and reverting back .

No errors are getting logged in laravel.log

below is the info that is getting logged

[2023-03-14 21:12:58] production.INFO: finished running composer install   
[2023-03-14 21:12:58] production.INFO: optimized  
[2023-03-14 21:12:58] production.INFO: view cleared  
[2023-03-14 21:12:58] production.INFO: queue restarted  
[2023-03-14 21:13:01] production.INFO: Sent for version check  
[2023-03-14 23:30:07] production.INFO: updating currencies  
[2023-03-15 06:20:03] production.INFO: Performing Autobilling 2023-03-15 06:20:03  
[2023-03-15 09:00:53] production.INFO: running post update  
[2023-03-15 09:00:53] production.INFO: I wasn't able to migrate the data.  
[2023-03-15 09:00:53] production.INFO: finished migrating  
[2023-03-15 09:00:53] production.INFO: Array
[2023-03-15 09:00:53] production.INFO: finished running composer install   
[2023-03-15 09:00:54] production.INFO: optimized  
[2023-03-15 09:00:54] production.INFO: view cleared  
[2023-03-15 09:00:54] production.INFO: queue restarted  
[2023-03-15 09:00:57] production.INFO: Sent for version check  

@david do you have any suggestions?

You’ll first want to ensure all file permissions are correct and set the root directory to recursively be owned by the web user. If that does not resolve the issue, set APP_DEBUG=true in the .env file and run

sudo -u www-data php artisan optimize

then reattempt the update, the app should at least write the error to the log file which will give us a clue as to what is happening.

Thank You @david for your prompt response.
I am using virtual-min hosting service so I don’t think permission should be a problem.

But as mentioned, I have enabled APP_DEBUG=TRUE and now I am getting the error as below

Any idea on the above error how can I fix this, upon googling I found that this is a common laravel error any many db related solution are available but want to know if this should be used or not.