Upgraded to v5 now I'm stuck on free plan

I have always been a paid, hosted customer. I upgraded earlier today and initially saw that it showed I was on the enterprise plan, now it says I should upgrade to enable advanced features. No matter what I do, I can’t “Upgrade” or even see my subscription.

Company is enabled, I forwarded customers to v5 in my v4 setup and everything else I can think of. I logged out, back in, tried incognito mode.

At a loss. I know I’m paid up because I just got a receipt earlier today for my monthly payment to Invoice Ninja.

I sent a request within the app for help but it was super odd because every time I hit “Shift” as in to type a capital “I”, or anytime I clicked shift, the message box I was typing in would become disabled and I could no longer type. So, not sure message even went through.

I was trying to get my API stuff fixed using Zapier but I can no longer get an API key because I’m in free mode. I had even created several API keys earlier in v5 testing it out which I’m pretty sure means that I had access to my PAID account at that point. Now no luck and I’m stuck again.

Anyone else have this message when going to settings and then Account Management?

Support fixed it for me, guess it was just my account.

Appreciate the quick response from support!