Upgrade to 5.1.65 failed and how to set multi-currency invoice for clients

Hello all,

1./ I have the problem that when push the update button → input password → the system told me “update complete” but I still at the v5.1.53 can not upgrade to v5.1.65. Try it many times but no success? Anyone can guest me what is the problem here.

2./ I have some clients that I will bill in a different currency by invoice. 1 invoice by GBP, 2 invoices by EUR, sometimes by USD. I can change current in clients setting but they will change all the invoices of them to the currency I selected that will change the report on clients. How I can change currency by standalone invoice only.

Thank you!


  1. @david any thoughts on how to debug this?

  2. You would need to create two clients records, one for each client.


please see here:


note the important parts are to remove the .git folder and ensure the entire directory is chowned to the web user.

Hi @david,

Currently I don’t have .git on my root folder.
Only got these folder have git relative:

by default 2021-05-23 at 19.51.34

Do I need to delete all of it from my root folder?

Thank you!


As long as all the files and folders are owned by the webuser then it should be fine. The dot folders usually catch people out on this point.

Thank you! I already chown all files and folder to the webuser but no success. So I must update the zip file of new version for manual update.