Update to Version 4.1.2 via Softaculous

Dear All

I’m trying to upgrade to the latest Version 4.1.2 I self install and used Softaculous for this and I’m currently on Version 4.0.1 I have tried to run the update as usual but get the following error.

The following errors were found :

Required PHP extension not found : file info

I think when I last upgraded I may of had to update PHP to version 7? In case this makes a difference. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help and let me know what I need to do to rectify this.

Many thanks in advance

I have just checked on the “Select the PHP version” via Cpanel and ticked “file info” this seems to have fixed the issue. Before doing this I selected “Use Defaults” for the extension and just added the “file info” Are there any others extensions that either Invoice Ninja or Softaculous require for correct functioning.

Thanks again

The app also uses the GD and GMP extensions.