Update/synchronize existing clients/contacts

We are using Invoiceninja.com

Looking for a way to synchronize realtime or periodically existing client fields and/or fields of contacts connected to those clients.

Currently we are using Monday as CRM tool and Ninja as invoicing tool.

Ideally we would like Monday to be the Master of Customer data. Next best would be the other way around. Or even with an intermediate step of excel and the like.

We have been experimenting with a few integration tools (incl Zapier) but with no success so far.

Does somebody have experience with this challenge and could point me in a good direction ?

Thanks in advance !

Hmm… I would have suggested Zapier.

What specific problems are you running into?

Using zapier we do not find a way to

  1. update EXISTING clients and contacts
  2. add new contacts to existing clients

Thanks for the details! Those actions aren’t supported by Zapier but I believe they are supported by Integromat.


thank you ! we"ll have a look