Update product cost from purchase order

I would like to ask if IP supports the functionality to update the cost price of the products from the purchase orders?

So if I purcase product 10 units of product X for $5, when the purchase order is recieved the quantity and cost of the products should update to 10 and $5 respectively.

To go further, does IP support average cost price. For example if I have 3 of product Z in stock that I last purchased for $5 and I’m ordering 20 units of product Z for a new price of $4.50, when I recieve the purchase order, the cost gets updated to the average cost price: ($53)+($4.5020)/3+20=$4.57

Thanks for your help.


When creating a purchase order the app will use the product’s cost in the PO. Feel free to create an issue to request that the product cost be updated if it’s changed in the PO.