Update from React WebUI - again


referring to Update self-hosted install on React web

According to Github, a new version is available, currently v5.8.57.

When I click on the I in the React WebUI, I get the following displays:


Shouldn’t an update be displayed here?


@david @ben any ideas?

not sure, i was able to update a test environment to the latest:

That’s strange, any ideas for me?

The directory is writable, php runs as php8.2-fpm and nginx also fits everything.

The old tips with artisan:optimize should no longer be used.

I just restarted the container and the button was visible for a microsecond

My thoughts: Update in “Systemprüfung” is not visible because I guess you are running stable, like 5.8.30 - and although there is an update available to 5.8.57 it is not intended to install as a stable branch.

Like seen in 410: Gone • Download not yet available. Please try again shortly

So the update via the desktop app has just worked.

It really seems to be a problem with the React WebUI

Any new findings or information on the subject.
It would be nice if this was not forgotten