Unable to view invoice on web on emails not sending beyond local accounts

I’ve been having a very hard time getting InvoiceNinja up and running on Bluehost. I used their automated installer via Softaculous and it seems to install without issues. I have successfully enabled Cron, as indicated in the warning message. My main issues stem from email not being sent and pdf’s not generating on the web for the client view.

My domain name was on GoDaddy, which I read may cause issues with mail going on from InvoiceNinja, so I transferred the domain over to Bluehost. When I send emails, they do show up on the local account, but nothing outside of Bluehost. I’m hoping moving the domain to Bluehost solves this problem, but won’t know until the 22nd with GoDaddy releases the domain.

The other issue with the PDF’s is strange. I can see them just fine within InvoiceNinja, they download without issues and the whole shebang. However as soon as I click the link from the email, I get a constant loading animation and the download PDF button does nothing. I did have to install the InvoiceNinja in my ~/public_html/ninja folder, as the automated installer would blow up my website and force all redirects to InviceNinja bypassing my main website. I don’t know if this is some kind of permissions issue or something to do with where the files were stored. I tried switching to Phanton for the PDF generator, but now I see the headless error for Chrominimum in the logs. Previously, I was getting no error messages in the logs using the InvoiceNinja PDF generator option. Is this some kind of issue with the .htaccess file not allowing the browser to redirect to the PDF folder on Bluehost because of the Sub Dir?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Please only post in one place, I’ll reply on Slack.

The replies on slack seem to be taking a long time, would it be okay to move over here to get some extra support?

I’m the main person replying on Slack, Discord and here, I reply when I’m back at my desk.

Happy to use whichever platform you prefer…