unable to view invoice in pdf formate in client portal

Hello Sir, I/clients are not able to view invoice in pdf formate in client portal, when i click on INVOICE NO. browser shows error.

“An error occurred.
Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.
If you are the system administrator of this resource then you should check the error log for details.
Faithfully yours, nginx.”

Each and every url of the invoice ninja version 3.1.3 running without error, expect this.

My server is running on lemp & I devoted approx 24 hours on it, digging all the error log but nothing found.
I will be very thankful to you if you give me some clues on it.

I’d suggest checking the value for APP_URL in the .env file, it’s used to create the invoice link.

APP_URL=https://domain.com its right but after migrating my server i change APP_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx key , is it the reason .

Depending on your setup the link may need to be: https://domain.com/public

You’ll need the original APP_KEY for secure data to be decrypted.

Scratch that, I see you’ve excluded public.

I’m not sure, can you email a sample invoice link to contact@invoiceninja.com

Its running now. Great, Tons of thanks :slight_smile: