Unable to install Setup 5.1.34 on windows local server properly

First time trying to install v5.1.34 on local windows system.But not able to setup correctly.

After completing setup with user email,name ,password it redirected to 500 error.

Migration,seeding need to done manually.

Visiting to login page manually,it shows credentials not found.
In DB no entry for user,companies,company users for user we added at the time of setup.

I tried to install from directly get Zip file, from git clone but same result.

What is the issue?

Waiting for replay.

Thank you.


Can you please check for more details about the error in the web server error logs and the application logs in storage/logs/

In laravel log:

  1. exception: “ErrorException”
  2. file: “path\invoiceninja\app\Models\User.php”
  3. line: 281
  4. message: “Trying to get property ‘is_owner’ of non-object”

I m new to laravel but when tracing functions,some dd(),echo;

I noticed that in app\Models\User.php ->function public function isOwner()
return null when I dump $this->company_user at the line 281.

Hope get any clue.

@david do you have any ideas?

Not sure. The error indicates that the user object isn’t being set after the token authentication. I’m not sure what to suggest given the issue is related to running on Windows.