Unable to install invoicenija v5 in cPanel


I am trying to install the invoice ninja v5 version in the cPanel server. But in 1st step ‘…/public/setup/’ I am getting this site can't be reached error. I had copied .env.example to .env. (.htaccess are also configured)
In the error log, I didn’t get any errors. Please help to resolve this.



Have you checked both the web server error logs and the app logs in storage/logs?

Yes, I have checked both error logs. But sometimes afet loading the URL for the 1st step (‘…/public/setup/’) in storage/logs I am getting the production.INFO: db fails error. (I have changed APP_DEBUG=true in the .env file.) But I was unable to debug it, because I am getting this site can't be reached while loading the installation page. (sometimes cPanel also stops working when downloaded folder present in public_html)

@david any thoughts?

If the setup page is not loading then it sounds like something deeper in cPanel.

If you have softaculous on the server you can do a one click install with that platform.

Otherwise you’ll want to make sure that PHP 8.1 is available and active.

There will be further information in the apache logs as to why the system cannot bring up the app.

I am using PHP 8.1 for the installtion and it’s active.
I have checked in apache logs also but I didn’t find any realted errors in that.