Unable to Create New Invoices

As of two days ago, I am unable to create any invoices as the Client Field is uneditable. I seem to can’t find any occurrences of the same issue.

Please advise

  • Did anything change?
  • Are there any errors in the browser console?

Can you send a screenshot to contact@invoiceninja.com

Nothing that we know of. We figured it might be the version as we were on 4.01. We updated and now we still cannot create an invoice. We can create clients but not invoices

We updated the code through the FTP.

Are there any errors in the browser console?

No sir. We are able to login and see all of our clients, invoices and information but unable to create any new invoices because we can’t select the clients.

Please advise.

Can you send a screenshot including the browser console to contact@invoiceninja.com

We emailed a video link

Thank you for the video.

It looks like there’s a JavaScript error, can you please double check the browser console for errors.


built.js:19 Uncaught Error: No URL provided.
at new n (built.js:19)
at Function.t.discover (built.js:20)
at t._autoDiscoverFunction (built.js:20)
at HTMLDocument.a (built.js:20)
create:1 Failed to start loading

I’m not sure, it looks it’s a JavaScript error.

Was a client added recently when the problem started, you may want to try archiving the client to see if it helps.