Unable to change Invoice Terms

Maybe it’s a problem with the new version - I can’t change the Invoice Terms text under Invoice Settings / Defaults. Was not a problem about a month ago but now it doesn’t save any changes. When I click “save”, the page reloads with the new text, but when a go to another page and come back to Invoice Settings, it shows the old text. It also uses the old text for invoices, no matter how often I change it.

I’m having trouble reproducing the problem.

I’m assuming you’re using invoiceninja.com (rather than self hosting), which plan are you on?

Note: changing this setting would only affect new invoices, existing invoices aren’t affected by the change.

Yes, no self hosting. I’m on pro. I realize that it will only affect new invoices, but I just can’t get it to keep the changes at all.

Are you using the LastPass extension?

Please test it in another browser to see if the problem is browser specific.

I am using LastPass, but the same thing happens when it’s disabled. I also tried it in Microsoft Edge but the behavior is the same: I change the text, click save, the page reloads with the new text (as if the change was saved), I move to another page and then back to Invoice Settings and the old text is there again.

I’m not sure, maybe another setting on the page is invalid which is causing the save to fail. Can you check the other tabs on the page for errors after saving.

Another way to update the default terms is to set it on an invoice and then check ‘use as default’.

It was the credit number option (a new addition?) that caused the problem. I don’t remember ever enabling it, but disabling it solved the issue.

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll try to make this clearer.