Trying to switch over to payment plan

Does anybody know how to change your account from the free version to the paid version? It’s impossible!!!

Hi Lisa,

If you go to Settings > Account Management, you can change your Plan by clicking the Orange Change Plan button.

Hi David,
I had read that on one of the forums posts. I don’t have that button. I even tried to permanently delete my account so that I could sign up again. Account wasn’t deleted. I have never worked so hard at trying to get on a pay service.


If you’re on the free plan you should see an upgrade button in the top right corner of the screen.

Definitely don’t see that all I have is a green sign on and a grey guest button. I have tried everything and have looked everywhere. I even tried signing on from another browser…nothing I am stuck in the fee plan which wasn’t even the plan I selected to begin with.

If you see ‘Guest’ it means you need to sign up first

Seriously I am telling you there is some type of glitch. The closest I got to thinking I was making progress was when I was asked to verify my account…couldn’t figure that one out as I received no email and like I said I’ve tried deleting my account and when I go to sign the sign up page…says my email is already registered. This is so strange

If you didn’t receive the email it may have bounced back. If you can send an email to with the email you used we can check with our email provider.

That said, if an email was sent I wouldn’t expect to see ‘Guest’ in the header?

Thank You…appreciate your help