Trying to secure the login page

Hi, and kudos for your great software.

  1. I have been trying for a while to secure the login page through nginx (redirect, IP allow/deny, etc), but without success since it affects the way the client portal login is displayed. Is there a way to hide/limit access to the login page without affecting the client portal?

  2. I wish to customize certain strings in the translation. I understand that translations are now managed centrally through Transifex, but is there a way in v5 to customize the translations locally and persistently?



  1. @david is this possible?

  2. You can set custom translations in the app on Settings > Localization > Custom Labels but they are only applied on the PDF and in the client portal, not in the admin portal.


most likely possible by using some type of basic authentication rules. unfortunately i wouldn’t know where to start.

Dear hillel, david:

Thank you for your replies and assistance.

As regards question 1, I am afraid I do not have the technical expertise for a more elaborate solution. What I have noticed is that any attempt to secure the base location in the basic nginx installation that you describe (by redirecting, IP allow/deny or client certificate) ends up in breaking the client login page.

My question referred to the nature of the problem (i.e. what is blocked in the base location that is needed for the client login page to work properly) and if you have devised a workaround yourselves for securing the base login page.