Translate custom payment field

I’m using the self hosted version and I want to offer my clients payment by bank transfer by using the custom payment gateway field. As I offer the service in different languages with different currencies, I would like to display a different account number per language.
I thought that I can use the translation file for this. Can I just add in texts.php a variable and use it somehow in the custom payments gateway field?

Moreover I need to complete Polish translation and I would contribute my work to Transifex instead of keeping it for myself. But I need the translation as soon as possible and I can’t wait for the next update. Is there a way to receive the completed texts.php file via Transifex?


We don’t support custom gateways fields in multiple languages, one solution would be to create a separate company for each language.

You may be able to download the texts.php file from Transifex.

Thanks for the fast answer. To be honest I don’t like the workaround with the 2nd company.

What about my idea with the translation variable? I thought about creating a new variable in texts.php including the bank account details and hardcode it in the file where the custom gateway view is implemented.

You may be able to make it work, keep in mind you’d need to reapply the changes when updating the app.

Sure, in case of updates I need to remind this. Could you tell me in which file the view of the custom gateway is defined?

I’m sorry, we can’t provide developer support.

You can submit a request here if you’d like help from a developer: