Traffic to

Just noticed constant traffic of about 20K to What is the reason for it? After I blocked it CPU utilization on IN dropped significantly. Is there a way to disable it.
Invoiceninja 5.3.75 with supervisor installed (2 workers)

In your accounts table set


to 0 (false)

this will disable sentry

David, thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately


in the database was already set to 0. I tried setting it to 1 and than back to 0 but this did not help. Is there anything else I can try?


I see the issue,

comment out line 128 of app/Exceptions/Handler


I’ll check in a fix for this.

David, I commented out the


line as you suggested, rebooted the server but it made no difference. I still see the requests and high CPU utilization.


Can you add this to your .env

And then optimize with

php artisan optimize

David, as you suggested I added the entry to the .env file, however optimize doesn’t seem to like it. I tried, my own domain as well as loopback IP address. Ever time I get the following error

Looking at the error message I think the .env variable should be

instead of

However, this change did not resolve the problem.