Total rouding wrong on PDF


When i create a invoice with a product with pricing “€82.6448” and a tax “21%” i get a subtotal of €100.00 (which is correct) , but on the PDF the total is €99.99 .


Already upgraded to the last version and changed the precision on “Euro” to 4 . But still the issue occurs…

Any thoughts ?

Self hosted - v5.5.103-SC113


@david any thoughts? I’d also expect the full cost precision to be shown on the PDF.

In the invoice edit mode, the total is correct.

I don’t think we support precision greater that 2 places for the unit cost when the amount is greater than 1.

We do support higher precision when the cost is less than 1

damm , that’s too bad :frowning:
Is there any other way i can force it to place €100.00 in the total, but still be able to place the price without taxes in the item row?