Tip: Changing the dashboard graph to bars

Hey guys,

The dashboard graph is awesome to keep tabs on your numbers, but I like the bar type better than the lines type, especially when visualizing month-by-month numbers, as I like to do. So I came up with a quick hack to make the graph look like this:

If anyone wants to do the same, here’s what I did:
File /resources/views/dashboard.blade.php, line 30: changed ‘type’ to ‘bar’ instead of ‘line’
File /app/Ninja/Repositories/DashboardRepository.php, line 95: changed ‘rgba({$color}, 0.05)’ to ‘rgba({$color}, 1)’ (this is to make the bars solid instead of outlined; I’ve also commented lines 94 and 93 in order to remove outlines)

IMHO this makes the graph much easier to visualize, and maybe gamify things a bit: I just need to make sure my expenses bar is always smaller the payments bar :wink:

BTW remember that these are source code changes which of course will be discarded whenever you upgrade the app. You’ll have to reapply them after each upgrade.

Thanks for sharing this, it looks great!

Any chance this could be an option in a future release?

We’ll look into it…