Timeout when logging in


I am a pro user, using the hosted version of v5 invoiceninja.

I am not 100% sure whether it is related to 500: Server Error ?

When I attempt to login using a browser on invoicing.co or using the desktop app downloadable from the microsoft app store, I see the following error message after a long waiting time:

TimeoutException after 0:02:00.000000: Future not completed

I also checked the status page and it does not seem to declare any intermittent errors.

I should specify a few things that may or may not be related, that I, in some cases, attempted to get things working again:

1- I had no issues with the reset password part of the site, including the callback link sent by email

2- I had deleted all my cookies and deregistered my service worker and local storage in an attempt to cleanup cache and everything to get things working again. I am not sure whether it had no impact or worsened things?

3- I have attempted multiple times, so this is not a one-off effect from either of the above two points.


Sorry for the trouble, we believe this is due to a Cloudfare outage.

That makes sense! Should it not be flagged on https://status.invoiceninja.com/ though? I understand it’s not something you can deal with on your side (or at least it would be ill advised for you to deal with it) but it still might be good to help people see that a part of your site’s functionality (login in this case) is not available?

@david can you please advise?

Thanks for the suggestion, the site has been updated.

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