Through api to pay credits.

It is possible through api to pay credits to the customer’s balance ?

Thank you

Yes, we support creating credits through the API.

I want to create an API payment and this amount is automatically applied to the user’s credit balance.
How can I do that ?
Also, if I make 3 different payments, how can these sums be added to a total amount in the user’s credit balance ?
Thank you

You can set payment_type_id to 1 when creating a payment to use the client’s credit.

I’m not sure I understand your second question.

Look …
I create for client (a) a credit payment of $ 20.
After two days I create a new payment for the same client for $ 10.
The customer through the client portal sees in credits tab two payments of one out of $20 and one of $10.
This is right ? or should look somewhere and the total amount $30 ??
Also if you create a new invoice for this customer with an auto bill of $ 25 will be paid by the credits normally?
Customer then on client portal in credits tab what amount will he see?
He will see the rest of $ 5 ?
Thank you

We don’t currently show the credit total in the client portal.

Yes, a recurring invoice with auto billing enabled should use the credit.

This only happens with recurring invoices or even with a simple one created via API with auto bill enable ?
And then what will be the amount the client will see on the client portal?

We only support auto billing with recurring invoices.

If it auto bills it would be 5, I’d suggest tying it out.

Is it possible to create an invoice, using the API, which when paid by the customer, the specified amount will be added to his credit balance?

No, that isn’t supported.

It is likely to be supported in the future ?
I use the application for micropayments per month and I send out invoices of $1 or $2.
What I want is for my clients to create an invoice that puts the total amount for a year in the credits balance and monthly payments to be paid off the balance.

This is the first time I’ve heard this request, if we hear it more we’d consider it.

You may be able to make it work using subscription events to trigger a script to create the credit.