This payment method cannot be preauthorized

Hey Support, wondering what I’m missing.

I have Square setup as my payment gateway. Manual Payments work great. I have a reoccuring invoice for a client, with AutoBill enabled by default. They entered their card info and say they got “This payment method cannot be preauthorized.” I go into their portal and try to add a payment method, I can select Credit Card from the drop down, but also get the “This payment method cannot be preauthorized.”

Thank you for your help!


@david do you have any ideas?

I believe with Square there needs to be a payment made first before the card can be tokenized and kept on file for future use.

Hey @david so we ran through payment on the card. Still when I go to payment methods in their client portal and select credit card it says cannot be pre-authorized.

I’m not finding anything in squares docs about if I need to enable tokenization.

Any other thoughts?

I’m ok with switching to another card processor if needed. Just hoping to keep the same or lower processing fees.

Thanks for all the help!


The only way we can store a token with Square is after a payment, you’ll want to ensure the option - Capture Card - is enabled on the Square gateway:

Hey @david I have the capture card setting to enabled by default. As a test I made a payment with my card. Created a second invoice, the payment method was only set to new card. It was selected to save card the first and second time. Does this only work with reoccurring invoices? Or did I just not give it time to do the autobill? Is there a way to check the database to see if I have a token authorization for the client.

I’d like to tell me client it’s all set to auto bill, but right not I’m not really sure it is.

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I can see the issue here, in the next release this will be fixed for the Square payment driver.

@david your awesome thank you!

Hey @david, I’ve been checking the release notes, is there any way to know when this fix has been applied?

Thanks again!


This is now in the latest release.

Let us know if you have any troubles.

@david This issue does not appear to be resolved. I am using InvoiceNinja hosting, not self-hosting - so I presume the latest release including the mentioned fix would be implemented there.

I did confirm the capture card option was enabled for square (for those needing more breadcrumbs: the setting is in Invoice Ninja Settings>‘Payment settings’>click on Square in the table>Settings tab)

After my client was unable to pay, which generated a couple of emails to me indicating `Authorization error: ‘GENERIC_DECLINE’ (whatever that means…?) I followed the invoice link (using $payment_button in the invoice template) into the client portal, and was unable to add my credit card information to make a small test partial payment. My testing efforts do not seem to have generated any notice emails.

Could you please advise on what I might do to get things working?

@david, I had a client pay today, I got an email with a Generic Decline as well. Looking at my card processor the payment looks to have gone threw. IN says its still due however. I’m waiting to see if my payment processor actually approves and sends the funds.

Check the system logs table and see what the return response was.

In the android app I found it at Clients>…selected client…>System logs tab.
also found it in the web portal: settings>system logs at the end of the list

I see only three logged payment attempts made by my client, these are on January 20:

each expand to show the following:

server_response Object
    response Array[0]
    error "Authentication error: 'GENERIC_DECLINE'"
    error_code ""
data: Object
    Invoices: Array<Object>[1]
    credits 0
    amount_with_fee: 1036.65
    pre_payment: undefined
    frequency_id: undefined
    remaining_cycles: undefined
    is_recurring: undefined

Looked at my payment processor (Square), saw no indication of these transaction attempts.


Is there any additional information in Square about this?

If you can send an email to I can take a look directly into the account to see what the issue may be.

Thanks for taking a look at it directly, quoting Invoice Ninja’s support email:

Generic declines generally revolve around the card in use. I can see that your configuration is correct >from our side. If this is only impacting a single customer, most likely it would involve their card/bank.

I was able to follow the same workflow and successfully invoice myself and pay myself as a test.

For the affected invoice, I had manually input the client’s information on setting them up, including their full address - I deleted the client address information suspecting there might be a mismatch with their credit card billing information (most likely zip code since credit cards seem to care about that). Upon a retry, the payment appears to have processed successfully. I am not certain if my monkeying with the client address stored in Invoice Ninja has anything to do with this successful outcome, but that is my current working theory - what do you think?


This sounds like the decline was caused by insufficient validation of risk properties such as address / zip etc.

Good to hear it was resolved.