There was an error saving your invoice The invoice exceeds the maximum amount

that popup when I hit the draft button when creating quotation.

Please advice.

How much is the quote for?

Hundreds of millions, and I might make a quotation and or invoices for billions

Per the error, we don’t support invoices for that amount.

What is the maximum amount?

My currency has too many zeros, unfortunately.

Please help somehow, I really want to migrate from Fusion Invoice to here since last year!

You could try increasing the value here:

Now I face an issue with discount with amount more than a millions, please advice.
Thank you

Can you clarify, what are the line item details?

Thanks for sending the video! I think the problem is discount is defined as double(8,2) in the database, you may be able to fix it by changing the type.

ALTER TABLE invoices MODIFY COLUMN discount double(13, 2);

We’ll look into including this change with our next release.