The email (invoice, quote) does not reach the client

Where could I look for a problem if, for example, I get a notification that the invoice has been sent.

The client (gmail email or domain email) does not receive this email.

Maybe just thinking about two different hosting.
Ninja invoices is on Cpanel - hosting (dns zone edit from there)
Email: hosting from another email hosting provider

I can not find any log report that email was sent from email

settings from env:
MAIL_FROM_NAME=“Company name”

Laravel log: [2023-12-26 23:30:02] production.INFO: updating currencies


Maybe the email is in their spam folder? I suggest creating a test invoice and emailing it to yourself.

If I change to my “main” domain email email normaly find the way. So I have two email one from system and antoher as Client. This is ok.

Gmail - no spam, no folder, no imbox. I will create another to my Cpanel acoount with another domain
NO WAY to deliver email.

On which side can be problem?

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand.

Your suggestion was ok. If I put in the test client email that was installed and this was used for test client I recivied two emails. One email from Ninja system(notification) and second like a client with attachment.

But If I use a other emails like gmail, other domain emails → all other email can not recivied a client notification.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with the application, I suggest testing with a different email provider.

I will try it with other domain set up and report.