The Client portal is blank, no Invoice

Sending “copy link” Client portal to customer and the portal is blank, no invoice…after playing with many clicks on view pdf to view statement it showed the Invoice on the portal. Please help, this is a big problem, the customers are confused :frowning: and need to talk to each and apologizing… Thanks!!


@david @ben any thoughts?


Can you DM a sample link to me please, i’ll have a look.

The portal is not updating somehow…yesterday there was a cloned invoice marked as paid on the clients end but not at mine and today the portal was blank, no invoice at my and clients end…but later it showed up.
Ok I’ll send you the client portal link in DM. Thanks


It could be a caching issue, I see this invoice perfectly?

As I said after clicking around it showed up…but the customer did not saw it and the other could not pay…after some time it was on the portal…caching issue? Can I do something on my end?