The bills list show an error message

I have a very recent problem with the bills we sent to our customers by mail.

They use the dynamic link to consult their pdf bill. This part still work fine.
But here, in this page, when they try to click on “FACTURES” (i use the french version, i suppose that should be “BILLS” in english) in the top menu, they have this error messages :

" Il y a eu une erreur…

La facture demandée n’est pas disponible

Si vous avez besoin d’aide, veuillez nous contacter à"

That translate by :
There is an error…
The bill asked isn’t available.
If you need help, contact us at

This functionality still work fine for some customers and not at all for others.
We didn’t change any configuration neither updated InvoiceNinja.
That was still working perfectly fine the last week. I don’t know what changed.

Have you any idea of what could cause this ?

Best regards,


It it possible the client is marked as deleted? Also, is the contact checked on the edit invoice page?

The contact is “active” yes.

When you say “contact checked”, you speak about the checkbox with the email of the customers i suppose ?
In the top left part of the details page of a bill.
Here in our case :

If i am correct, yes it’s already checked.

I’m not sure, you may want to consider migrating to the new version of the app.