Thai language

i’m open an account to evaluate your software. I’m based in Phuket and for this reason i need invoice in Thai language. I see that the Thai language is translated for 73%, i check the files and for what i can see the invoice output is completely translated.
I made ad invoice in Thai (set up the language into the client section), even if i look on portal client the parts should be translated are completely empty (ex:. Lable like ‘item’ ‘Description’ ‘Unit cost’ …). If i change the language of the customer in another language (english, italian…) the invoice is generate correctly. I switch also to the Thai UI and i seew that is quite everything well translated, except the invoice. Does i do something wrong or simply the translation file that i check is not loaded in your system?
Thank you very

The problem is the default “Roboto” font. It doesn’t support Unicode, so the Thai characters aren’t displayed. Other users have had similar issues with Hanzi and Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana (and probably Hangul as well), and that was why.

Try going to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Invoice Design and selecting another font (for both Body and Header).

Looking into this some more and it doesn’t seem like any of the available fonts display Thai correctly when it comes to actual quotes/invoices. I tested it with both my own install and the hosted version, on multiple operating systems and browsers.

@hillel, Ukai and Genshin Gothic seem to work well for Hanzi and Kanji. What about adding something like Mitr in a future update to allow for Thai writing in invoices/quotes? From what I’ve seen of the font, it’s quite similar to Roboto for Western characters, and carries that same visual aesthetic over to the Thai characters.

@Titanfail, Thank you for your valuable reply. I do not want to abuse your patience but there is no workaround waiting (if this request will be included) for the next update? If can help here are two other nice fonts that support Thai:
Sukunvit and Niramid.

I was going to suggest manually installing the font, but that would require editing the database by hand (which could break everything anyway). And when I tried it with Mitr, I could get the invoice design page to see the font, but it wouldn’t appear in the preview. So I’m not sure if it’s something I did wrong, if it’s just that font, or if it’s a limitation with the PDF preview, but it’s honestly beyond my skills to figure out.

However, the dev team should see this thread soon, so they’ll see the trouble you’re having and also your suggestions for fonts to add. In the meantime, you could always submit an issue on their GitHub page. I’d assume fixing support for a localization that’s mostly complete would be something they would want to tackle quickly, but it just depends on how many other issues they’re working on (and the severity).

Sorry I couldn’t give a better answer that gets you up and running faster, but hopefully they can address this one soon.