texts.status_ label


In my effort to adapt the french translation of IN, I did modify the Invoice Statuses table entries. It seems that I broke something as of mow, only “texts.status_brouillon” appears in place of the french label Brouillon (draft)

I looked everywhere to repair my mistake without success. Could you point me out to the correct info ?


You can run php artisan db:seed --class=InvoiceStatusSeeder to reset the invoice status values. You’ll likely also need to add ?clear_cache=true to the URL to clear the cache.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for your support. Sorry for my ignorance but how do I use that.

I did try into regular command line but returns me with a parse error and -bash: make:console: command not found
. How should I access to artisan mode ?

I did try to read a bit on Laravel artisan framework but I overpassed my point of knowleddge in that matter ;(


You’ll need to run it from within the root folder of the project. An alternative would be to manually update the invoice_statuses table back to the old values.



Running the command returned :
Class InvoiceStatusSeeder does not exist

I did run the command from within the root folder.

What should I do next ?

Can I suggest that all readable text strings should be in the according lang file. That would graetly simplify the translation process.

Thansk for your support

You’ll need to manually update the database back to the original values.

Users shouldn’t need to change any values in the database.