Updated my invoice ninja application to the latest version and keep getting the subject error on login.

Here’s what the message should say:

Error: APP_KEY is set to a default value, to update it backup your database and then run php artisan ninja:update-key

same problem with my self hosted docker install after an upgrade! What can i do to remove the message ? Thanks
It talk about using php artisan but where to lunch the command ? the host doesnt know it !

You need to run the command above from the root folder of codebase.

sorry im a newbie, you will need to be more verbose ! i read some thing about installing lavarel, where is installed using docker ?

You just need to cd to the folder containing the code and then run php artisan ninja:update-key. You may want to backup your database first.

Laravel is a PHP framework used by the app, the code is already included and doesn’t need to be installed.

Which folder ? I installed invoiceninja in /var/www/app and all i got in here is the docker-compose file, ngnx conf and logo, public and storage folder

How to backup the database ?

Sorry !

I’m not sure, you may want to use our self host zip:


If you’re using MySQL you can use mysqldump to create a backup.