Text not visible in web interface

I’m running invoiceninja in docker and it’s been running for a while. Today I discovered that no text is displayed when invoiceninja is accessed via the web interface (screen capture below). Everything works and looks fine from the invoiceninja iOS app. Any ideas what can cause this behavior? Is is possible to reset web interface to default values in case some setting has been changed?


I’m not sure, it’s the first time I’ve seen this. You can add ?clear_local=true to clear the app data but I’m not sure it will help. You may want to try testing in a different browser.

Thank you for taking a look at the issue. Didn’t help but introduced another strange symptom. It obviously killed my session and logged me out. Now the login screen refreshes/reloads every few seconds. Of course there’s still not text. However, restarting the container seems to stop the reloading loop.
Tried it from different mobile devices and one computer. On all devices no text is displayed or visible. I also tried bypassing Traefik, which is in front of IN, and accessing Invoiceninja directly but this didn’t change anything.

I’m not sure, maybe try using the desktop app instead?


That’s exactly what I’m doing. The app works perfectly so it gives me time to troubleshoot this strange issue further.

Which version are you using? In the initial post you wrote you were using the iOS app.

I’m on the latest Invoiceninja docker container which is 5.3.27. I tried version 5.3.21 just to see if there’s something in the latest release that’s causing the issue but that didn’t change anything. iOS app worked perfectly. Only web interface is not displaying text.

Understood. I’m suggesting you try the desktop app (ie, Windows, macOS or Linux).


Already using it :+1: Downloaded the app today while troubleshooting. Works like a charm.

Ok, great. Sorry, didn’t catch that.

As for the web app all I can suggest is to clear the browser cache and try a different browser.

After little more digging around it turned out that the issue exists in Safari and Firefox. Works fine in Chrome.

This is still true, I am having the same issues. Have you found a solution?

Other users have reported that their firewall blocking the request to google fonts can cause this.