"Test Email" Sends But Not Actual Invoice Nor Does it List in "History"


Tried all email options… Mail… SendMail… SMTP. send “test emails” function is OK. I’ve tried even new email accounts created for testing purposes. Invoices are not sent. Even oddly more strange, The “history” when Email Invoice is clicked, does not list any.
Recent activity suggest the invoice was updated… Which I never updated, because I did not click “Save Invoice”, I clicked only “Email Invoice”. Crazy!

My email is filled out in company details. accounts@ri…com
System settings, right now has Sendmail as driver. With the from address as accounts@ri…com, its username and host and 587 port with no encryption to make it easier.
Without even filling the driver information out except for from address and name, test email is delivered.

Any logs embedded that I can look at to determine the case with it even not displaying a history of multiple attempts to send an invoice?

Any advice is welcomed!

Thanks much!


Maybe you need to run php artisan config:clear

Thansk for feedback. cd into directory where invoiceNinja is installed. Executed the command. Even in between changes of the “Email Settings” before running another test.

For sendmail driver
From email address set as mike@rightc…com (same I use for the InvoiceNinja login)
I inputted the email mail server settings.
If mike@rightc…com is in “from Address” and running a test, it results in the the email sent TO mike@rightc…com and delivered FROM as mike@rightc…com.

Left config all the same but for “From Address” I inputted an email address of an addon domain, webmas@v…org. Again, odly the email is sent TO webmas@v…org and has FROM as webmas@v…org. If input a gmail address in the From Address, it does not send (since the system appears to only send to and from the same email address)

Also, history of sent invoices still lists nothing. Would expect them listed even if it was an error delivering.

I am completely stumped.

Thank you

You only need to run config:clear if you’ve run config:cache

You may want to update to the latest: v4.4.2