Temporary changing tax value

Hi again,

due to COVID-19, the german government decided to temporarily reduce the tax rate from 19% to 16% from July to December.

I thought this could be handled by changing the value in /settings/tax_rates, but as far as I can see, this seems to be only valid for newly created invoices, but not for the recurring invoices.

Is there any way to change the tax value globally to the temporary new value, without having to mass modify this in the database?

If not, where do I have to change values via sql to make sure I catch them all?


Sorry, the app doesn’t have a bulk update feature. One solution may be to use a site like Integromat.

I wouldn’t suggest manually updating the database, it can often cause problems.

So, you mean, every german user of Invoice Ninja has a problem now? You know that it’s the law to reduce tax from 19% to 16% for the next 6 months, so “doesn’t have a bulk update feature” is - sorry for that - an inacceptable answer.
The law requires to set the new tax value for every invoice that is sent out the next 6 months and there MUST be a solution for that.
Besides, I don’t get how integromat should help me here…

Technically spoken: I see a tax_value1 field in the invoice_items table, which makes sense. I also see a tax_value1 field in the invoices table, which does NOT make sense to me.
anyway, if I replace every occurrance of “19%” with “16%” and don’t touch the other ones, I should be good to go.
Otherwise I have either search for a new invoice software within the next three weeks or have to tell my accounting department that they have to create the 400 monthly invoices manually for the next 6 months…

Please tell me there is a solution…

As mentioned one solution may be to use Integromat, with that site you can safely bulk update data

If you plan to manually update the database please be sure to make a backup

In our case, we have defined one tax rate on /public/settings/tax_rates. If I change the rate in settings, does that adjust the tax rate everywhere on a go forward basis?

Or do I need to go in and edit every product’s tax rate?

If you change the settings it would affect new invoice you create but it would not change any existing invoices

OP: Wouldn’t this solve your issue?

As @hillel already stated, no. Besides that, that’s exactly what I already stated in my first post. Changeing the setting only affects future invoices but not the existing ones, which includes the already existing recurring invoices.
I would have to change EVERY product in EVERY invoice manually, which renders this software more or less unusable for the german market.

I interpreted @Hillel’s answer to mean recurring invoices would reflect the new tax rate. SQL table editing is sounding better and better for this situation.

That’s not correct, changing the settings does not affect existing recurring invoices.

So, since it seems that there’s no other solution, I was digging through the SQL structure and according to my results, it seems that it should be sufficient to do the following:

update invoice_items set tax_rate1 = 16.000 where tax_rate1 = 19.000 and invoice_id in ( select id from invoices where is_recurring != 0 and is_deleted = 0 );

I know, there are for sure better ways to execute this statement, but it seems to do what is needed. It updates every invoice item that is referencing to an active recurring invoice with the reduced tax value.

So far, I was not able to see any problems in using Invoice Ninja after this change, all recurring invoices behave normally.

Published, in case there are other german companies needing this for the next 6 months…

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