Template Overrides?

I have some custom changes that I have made to the /ninja/resources/views/invited/dashboard.blade.php file.
However, each time there is an update released the file gets overridden, which requires me to re-apply the updates again.

Is there any means that I can place my changes in another file that would override the changes in this directory?

(Sorry if I seem to be asking for ‘the sky’ but I regularly program in Joomla! CMS and we’ve had that feature for a number of years, so I’m a bit spoiled :slight_smile: ).

We’ve just added custom CSS for the client portal but I don’t think it’s likely we’d add a similar feature for the admin section of the app.

What kinds of changes have you made/is it HTML or CSS? Most functional changes would also require modifying the controllers.

That file is in the client area (it is the client dashboard file).
I guess I could make a change via CSS (and just ‘hide’ the stuff that I don’t want); howevever, the changes were to actually remove chunks of the html/php code in the file.

The way that Joomla (and other CMSs and systems) do this is to look in a ‘template’ directory for an identically named file and then use that one instead of the core file. It just happens on the view files, so no controller files get changed.
If InvoiceNinja had that type of functionality it would expand the opportunity customize greatly.
It should only require minor core changes, so that when a file from the /ninja/resources/views/ directory were needed that it would look in another ‘template’ directory first for an identical file (in the identical folder structure) and use that first.

I realize that it might take a bit to add that, but I figure that it’s worth adding that to the wish list :slight_smile:

For now I’ll give the new custom CSS option a try.

Thanks for a great system!

I’m looking to do the same thing but getting nowhere.

I’ve tried the custom CSS and if it would work that’d be great. Ideally though, a separate CSS file I can load in and edit as I like.

Can you clarify what you mean by ‘if it would work’, what’s not working?

Well I’ve tried this:

With and without the <style> tag and it’s not overriding the element, clearly I’m missing something.

.row.meta is incorrect

You don’t need to include style tags.

I tried like this also, still did not work:

.row.meta isn’t a valid CSS selector.

If you’re trying to make the font in the table larger you could use:

table { font-size:200% }

What I’m actually trying to do is increase the font for the “Recover Your Password” link for users:

.form-signin a { font-size:20px }

Sorry Hillel, didn’t work.

I think I understand the problem, the custom CSS is only applied to client portal.

This would increase the font size on the client login page but not the user login page.


What I’m trying to do is increase the font on the page that the client sees.

I’m not sure, this works for me on /client/login

Cool. I have it working now. Thanks !