Taxes [US] not showing up in Balance [Self-Hosted]

For some reason when a line is taxed (ie parts) its not being calculated in Balance…

Client Parts | $45.00 | 1 | 7.775% | $48.50
Subtotal $45.00
San Diego 7.775% $3.25
Balance Due $45.00

Am I missing something…?

Did you enable ‘include taxes in cost’ in the tax rate settings?

I don’t see that option

The option is only shown when first setting up the account, you’d need to purge the account data to change the setting.

Which version are you using? In newer versions we provide a clearer message.

I guess that is my issue, I imported all of my clients… Is there a DB field I can update?

Found an tax inclusive (in the mysql db)… but it lowers the price of an item then adds tax… so a 85 item is now 78 and change…

We strongly advise against making any manual changes to the database.

The change you made will cause all existing invoices to be incorrect.