Tax Reports are incorrect when an invoice contains a discount


I noticed that Tax Reports are incorrect when a discount is provided over the entire invoice.
The discount I provided is in Euro’s and not in percentages.

When I entered a discount on my invoice, my tax report is incorrect (off by a few Euro’s).
When I remove the discount on the same invoice, my tax report is correct again.

Is anyone able to reproduce this issue? I’m on a the latest, self-hosted, version of InvoiceNinja.

  • Yorrick

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll try to replicate the problem.

I see the problem, it occurs when using line item taxes and fixed amount discounts.

We’ll include a fix with our next minor release, you can patch the code with this change:

Thanks for catching this!

Thanks for the fast response and the fix :)!

Dispute the fix, after updating to the latest version (v3.1.1) this issue hasn’t been fixed correctly. The issue still persists as shown here:
Tax issue V3.1.1
The left tax amount (51,45) is correct, while the right one, isn’t.

I’ll try to fix it myself but I can’t guarantee a fix any time soon, so help is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

This change should fix it, we’ll include it with our next minor release.