Tax related issues


First a compliment on the invoicing package you have created. It looks really sleek and I’m considering switching from my old non-responsive, slow invoicing system. A big bonus is the time tracking.

I do however have some tax related issues that make this package useless for me, for now. I would like to know if these are, or will be, planned to be implemented.

  1. Invoice line subtotals
    In my country (Netherlands) I need to specify the following items for every invoice line:
    Total costs, tax percentage, total cost including tax. So far no problem.
    But for the complete invoice I need to specify:
    Total costs EXCLUDING tax, total tax, total costs including tax.
    This means that I cannot create a legally valid invoice. I could set all line items to have 0 tax and then add one tax percentage at the end. However, I have different tax percentages for different items, so that won’t work.

Suggested solution: is it possible to allow for an option “split tax and subtotal”? If this option is selected, somewhere in the options menu the listed subtotal is the subtotal EXCLUDING taxes. Below that it should list: total taxes. And then below that there is the total amount. So:
Subtotal (excluding taxes): x
Taxes: y
Total: x+y
For some of your customers that need an invoice-wide tax (which I do not and have therefor turned off, but that is irrelevant) unselecting the option “split tax and subtotal” would give the situation there is now
(sometimes discount)
(sometimes taxes)

selecting the option “split tax and subtotal” while also using invoice wide taxes would then become:
subtotal excluding taxes: x
taxes: y
subtotal: x+y
taxes: z
total: x+y+z

I really hope you would consider this. Or any other solution where the total tax from line items as well as the total without tax are shown.

  1. Tax reporting
    Every 3 months I need to pay my VAT. In my current invoicing application I can easily run a query which selects all reports from a specified period and then lists the totals from these invoices: total without tax, total including tax, tax. This makes it a lot easier for me to do my tax returns. Without a feature such as this my tax reports become really cumbersome. Is it possible to add data like this to the “report” section (for pro users). So generating a report for a specified period of time will give:
    total excluding tax
    total tax

This would help tremendously and I think it would really help a lot of others as well.

Looking forward to your reply. If features such as this are included I will become a pro member, if not I think invoice ninja is not for me.

Oh. I did not mention this. I have invoiceninja hosted on my own server. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  1. In our next release we’re enabling customizing the invoice layout. It may helps with some of the changes you need, or at least make it easier to implement.

  2. You can see date filtered totals using company/advanced_settings/charts_and_reports. We don’t currently break out taxes but we’ll try to add it in a future release.

That would help so much. Is there any indication on the eta for this new release? I would really like to switch to invoiceninja.

We’re aiming for about two weeks

Nice. Thanks for the swift answers, I will certainly keep tabs on this project.


First. My congratulations for a nice new release of invoice ninja. I have been messing around with the custom invoice layouts. But so far I have been unable to add the required changes to the invoice.

After doing some research I have found that the following rules apply for VAT in almost all EU member states. For every line item one has to show:
Amount without vat
Amount including vat

And then at the bottom one has to show
VAT x% : €yy.yy
VAT u% : €zz.zz

Where yy and zz are the added totals for the percentages x and u respectively.

Now, my questions is: is it possible for me to add these changes to a custom invoice template? If so, where should I start looking? I have 7 years experience programming in php, but I am not quite into the code of invoice ninja, yet. Is it possible at all?

I do believe these changes are important for most EU-based users of invoice-ninja as well. If possible I can send a merge-request on github after implementing this, but I’m unsure if I will succeed.

Looking forward to your reply.


It sounds like we’re talking about two changes:

  • Add support for multiple tax rates
  • Improve display of taxes to match EU requirements

If you’re interested in helping to work on either feature that’d be great. I’d be happy to write up a guide to help explain the changes you’d need to make. It would be helpful if you could send me an example invoice of the result you’re looking for.

I’m not sure if I understand the first one correctly. I don’t think multiple tax-rates per line item are required. Just the “splitting” of the total tax amount between the different used percentages.

The second one would indeed be helpful. I will dig somewhat deeper into this coming Saturday and then send an example invoice. I’m sure that an example would provide more insight than my descriptions in broken English.

What way of communication would you prefer? Might Github or email be easier?

Email may be better for this, please email us at

It seems that I have similar if not the very same problem as the original poster (issue no. 1).

Here is my thread:

Did you managed to adjust the app settings somehow, please?