tax_rates.rate should have possibility to be 'np' (in db type is decimal)

in European Union when we generate invoice, then we should use tax_rate=‘np’ - it’s something different in law then 0%.
At the moment InvoiceNinija supports only decimal values.

  1. Do we have possibility to use somehow tax_rate=‘np’ and in generated invoices to see ‘np’ instead of 0%?
  2. In which part of code you use pdfmaker to generate invoices? I want to add code if(tax_rates.rate==99){…pdfmaker on invoice print NP and don’t calculate anything…}.


  1. In item field set up empty field - it will generate no any TAX column on invoice.
  2. In additional field on invoice set up ‘Tax rate|np’ - it will generate proper information for goverment.

Thanks for sharing your workaround!